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Tip: Windows 7 Support for GEO-SLOPE Office 5
Software involved: SLOPE/W 5, SEEP/W 5, SIGMA/W 5, QUAKE/W 5, TEMP/W 5, CTRAN/W 5,
Operating Systems involved: Windows 7
Created: April 20, 2010
Updated: April 20, 2010
Article ID: KB746
Will GEO-SLOPE Office 5 run on Windows 7?

GEO-SLOPE Office 5 has been tested and will run on Windows Vista.  We have not done specific testing on Windows 7, but we do not expect any problems other than those mentioned in KB702 "Windows Vista Support for GEO-SLOPE Office 5".

GeoStudio 2007 will provide the best experience on Windows 7.  It has received the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo from Microsoft, indicating that it installs reliably, runs securely, and performs well on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7.

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