Get troubleshooting help and access additional GeoStudio technical resources.

Troubleshooting with GeoMedic

GeoMedic is a troubleshooting tool that gathers information about your computer and any GEO-SLOPE products installed on it. When you run it you'll get key information that will help our support team assist you. Just follow the instructions after downloading.


Download GeoMedic

Drivers & Utilities

Download the entire installer so you can install later without an internet connection.

Aladdin™ HASP™ Device Driver

For use with all USB hardware keys on Windows 8.0 and earlier.


Sentinel® HASP® Device Driver for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

For use with all USB hardware keys on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.



A GEO-SLOPE utility to help determine available HostIds.


Add-In Software Development Kit

Add-Ins extend GeoStudio by adding new functions to all products and new constitutive models to SIGMA/W.

The Add-In Developer's Kit (SDK) includes instructions, templates and sample code to let you write your own Add-Ins.

Download Add-Ins SDK